Synergy European officially launched a new European Project in Lisbon last week. 

Green Skills 4 Entrepreneurship – GS4E is an Erasmus+ project aimed at addressing the current challenges that the EU faces in developing a sustainable and green economy. The project seeks to enhance the skills and competencies of entrepreneurs to enable them to innovate and drive the transition towards a greener and circular economy. 

The project will implement the following Activities:
– A Good Practice Research that will to identify good practices (GPs) from all over EU about sustainable entrepreneurship, green skills, funding for sustainable practices.
– The development of a Podcast Series which will showcase Good Practice Cases collected.
– The development of a Sustainability Skills Assessment Tool for Enterprises that can be used by entrepreneurs and business leaders, to evaluate their level of sustainability skills.

Expected results are:
– To promote green entrepreneurship in Europe, fostering sustainable business practices and reducing the impact of business activities on the environment.
– To provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to create and manage sustainable businesses.
– To facilitate collaboration and networking among entrepreneurs, business leaders, and other stakeholders in the green business sector.
– To raise awareness of the importance of green entrepreneurship.

The project Partners are Form2you from Sintra – Lisbon, Portugal, PB Akademie from Linz, Austria and Synergy European from Patras, Greece.

The project is funded by the European Commission.

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