The Commission is planning to organise two additional calls for proposals this autumn as part of the measures supporting recovery from the coronavirus crisis.
According to the information released so far, the two additional calls will be open for applications for KA2 strategic partnership projects.

The calls will address two separate priorities
1) digital solutions and
2) the links between education and training and youth with creativity and culture.

Under the call for digital solutions the applications for the following action types can be submitted:
– KA201 (school education),
– KA202 (vocational education and training) and
– KA203 (higher education).

Under the call concerning creativity and culture, applications can be submitted for
– KA201 (school education),
– KA204 (adult education) and
– KA205 (youth).

Applications submitted for digital solutions must address the priority “Innovative practices in a digital era” as outlined in the 2020 Programme Guide. The projects on creativity and culture in turn should aim at equipping young people and professionals with skills and competence that support the recovery of the cultural and creative sectors from the COVID-19 epidemic and support the development and attractiveness of these sectors. A new priority addressing this will be published later in an addendum to the Programme Guide.

The proposed projects will need to comply with the standard rules for strategic partnerships as described in the Programme Guide, with the following exceptions: funding will be limited to EUR 150,000 and project duration will be shorter than normal, 12–24 months in the fields of education and training and 6–24 months in youth.

The deadline is expected to be in October. Stay tuned…

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